Understanding the Education System:

Since Uganda was colonized by the British, the education system in Uganda is quite similar to that which is found in Britain.

Primary education consists of seven years (P1 P7), and students continue through to secondary school for another six years.

Secondary school in Uganda consists of two levels:


1)   ‘O’ level (OL) Senior 1 (S1) Senior 4 (S4)

2)   ‘A’ Level (AL) Senior 5 (S5) Senior 6 (S6)

There are many subjects on offer for Secondary School however English, Maths and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) are the key subjects in Uganda.


Understanding grades:

Division 1 = 100-81%

Division 2 = 81-72%

Class 3 = 72-68%

Class 4 = 68-61%

Class 5 = 61-53%

Class 6 (fail) = 0-53%