Kyatuheire Jacqueline – Founder of the school in Uganda

Founder, main financial contributor and organiser of St. Teresa all girls boarding school Jacqueline is a female Ugandan Member of Parliament.  Jacqueline provides a genuine rags to riches success story whom many poor girls look to for inspiration. Jacqueline came from a poor background herself, but was determined amidst all the obstacles to maintain a strong focus on her future and thus her schooling. She made it through her secondary education and then worked very hard for the funds to support her tertiary education, and is now a member of the opposition in national Parliament, representing Kanungu district. Jacqueline with her visionary and charismatic character successfully mobilized unanimous support from the community to build the all girls school and is looked up to by the parents. The girls are truly inspired by her actions and frequently write letters and show her their report cards trying very hard to impress Jacqueline and win her respect. She embodies the power of education, a move from dependence to self reliance and most importantly embodies service above self for the common good.
Jacqueline writes:  I was born on 30th May 1973 in a small village with a few collection of shops near The Democratic Republic of Congo. Born in a family of five children all of whom are girls. My mother and father separated while I was a toddler because Dad needed boy children. Mother brought us up single handedly. I studied from schools both near and far from my village and got to university though with a lot of difficulty. I studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences and graduated in 1997. I also have a certificate in Administrative Law and currently I am pursuing Masters Degree in Public Administration and Management.

I did not get a formal job for about two years. I used this time to visit schools and encourage them that they can make it, because even with my poor background I made to University and encouraged parents to educate their children. I also mobilised my neighbours into income generating projects like mushroom growing, tree planting, passion fruit growing and a culture of saving.

I got my first formal job as an Urban Officer in the Local Government on 1st July 1999. Because of my hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm I was two months later given an added assignment of Acting Assistant Chief Administrative Officer in charge of a sub district. Two years after, this area was granted a district status. It became imperative that I go higher up to Parliament to be voice of my people and participate in improving their lives for the better through legislative, budget allocation, representative and oversight roles.

My background and experience through school and work gives me a challenge to extend help to improve a life somewhere. And that is a little about my life.

Kyatuheire Jacqueline Founder of all girls boarding school in Uganda