Completed Projects:

To date HOPE Uganda has raised over $70,000.   

$50,000 of this money has been used for the following:


Security / Watchman Post

Teachers Housing (Temp Shelter for S6)

Teachers housing (Temp shelter for S5) The house is currently being used to house 36 girls from the senior five class due to lack of facilities.

10 person pit latrine (toilet pits) Many thanks to the Hancock Family who provided full funding ($3,000) to complete this project.

2 Classrooms – of a 3 storey 12 classroom Block.

General donations – HOPE Uganda has also donated enough mosquito nets for classes Senior 1 to Senior 4, Book shelves, furniture for the science lab and computer lab, over 30 digital cameras, over 80 usb sticks, 4 usb modems, over 200 math sets, 14 scientific calculators and over 30 essential text books.



Current Projects:

Shelter for senior 6 girls – the cost of this shelter is $26,000 (though prices may vary due to inflation) we have currently raised over $9,000 for this project so far. [Completed]

Permanent dining hall –   the temporary dining hall currently in use has been severely damaged due to extreme weather and termites so we are building a permanent dining structure made from bricks which is estimated to cost over $3,000. [project support discontinued]

Three storey dormitory This is our biggest project yet and we are only just starting on it. The estimated cost so far is roughly $400,000. Note this estimate is subject to change and we are still working to provide a final figure. [project support discontinued]

Smaller Needs:

$10 will buy a mosquito net.

$50 will buy a desk and chair combination.

$50 will buy a USB Modem for the computer lab.

$15 will buy a month’s worth of Internet data.

$11 will buy a notebooks and pens combination for each student.

$20 will buy a stool.

We stress that each purchase is made within their local economy, so effectively each purchase you make is helping their local economy to grow!


Note: $20,000 of the $70,000 raised for HOPE Uganda was distributed to another charity ‘Umoja Tanzania’. While education is a primary method for breaking the cycle of poverty. Diversification of method to support lifting women out of poverty was deemed necessary. To diversify, HOPE Uganda supported an exciting women’s entrepreneurial project called ‘Project Pad’ which had the mission to setup a self-sustaining business model for making reusable menstrual pads out of recycled materials. Unfortunately as logistics of the exciting opportunity was not present in Uganda we had to support the Australian founded charity Umoja Tanzania where the opportunity in Tanzania was available. Distribution of the $20,000 grant was overseen by Mr Aden Date, Business and Innovation Manager, who was on a DFAT supported program placement with Umojo Tanzania and based at their head office in Tanzania throughout 2017. Aden directly oversaw the successful development, implementation and running of what is now a successful self-sustained micro business selling reusable pads.  For more information about this exciting project and others, please visit the social enterprise page of the UT website: