Shelter for Senior 5 class completed Feburary 2011

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HOPE Uganda an opportunity for change

HOPE Uganda stands for Health, Opportunity, Prosperity and Empowerment. We aim to help Ugandan women achieve, increase and sustain these crucial elements in their society so that they can live successful and fulfilling lives.

We are seeking funding and voluntary assistance to provide classroom and living facilities for the successful operation of St Teresa Girls’ College, a Ugandan all girls’ boarding school. The school is located in Kihihi Town, Kanungu District, South West Uganda.

  • A disproportionate number of  girls do not receive secondary education in Uganda
  • According to the UN, economies in the developing world grow by 3% for every 10% increase in the number of women that receive secondary education
  • Educated women are more likely to in turn educate those around them
  • Educating females increases crop yields & income per capita, and lowers HIV infection rates for the whole community

Here on our website you can learn more about the HOPE Uganda project, check out the latest news and events, make a donation, or find out how you can get involved. To speak to a HOPE Uganda official please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: HOPE Uganda is no longer operational (as at September 2013). The School is still operational but not the charity. This website exists to showcase the good work that was completed and hopefully inspire others to do the same.