John Curtin Leadership Academy 

The John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) is Curtin Universitys outstanding values based student leadership program named in honour of Australias World War II Prime Minister, John Curtin. JCLA gives students leadership skill training, an understanding of the workplace, leading edge skills in the job market and encourages entrepreneurial spirit. JCLA members have shown to excel in their academic discipline, but have also demonstrated leadership skills, commitment to success and a passion for community involvement.

The JCLA A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Team (A-Team- A.wareness W.omen E.ducation S.ervice O.pportunity M.otivation E.mpowerment) was formed in February, 2012 consisting of five individuals, Rosie Hoban, Needra Wickramaratna, Nirav Khant, Hayley Heslewood and Milena Radic. Within our team, each of us has had powerful experiences of students and societies with lower-socio economic circumstances and poverty both internationally and locally.  After some research it became apparent that our vision of opportunity, empowerment and prosperity through education was shared with HOPE Uganda.

In working with HOPE Uganda throughout 2012, the JCLA A-Team aim to raise awareness of the importance of girls’ education, supporting youth leadership and fostering global citizens in Perth.